Can oc this memory?

Hi i have a Vengeance® LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C14 Memory Kit - Black (CMK16GX4M2A2400C14)

Can i get 3000mhz without any changes for the ram voltages? its currently running 2400mhz with the x.m.p profile paired with asus z270-k and i7 7700k(stock speed)
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  1. Why would you believe that you could get 3000Mhz out of memory that the manufacturer says will run at a MAX of 2400Mhz? If it would pass testing at 3000Mhz the manufacturer would have marked it 3000 and sold it for more money. It is marked at 2400 because that is what it would reliably run at.
    If you want faster RAM you should have bought faster RAM.
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  2. Ok i wont overclock it chill out bro.
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  3. You can certainly expect to overclock any memory.... however it is also expected that the faster the RAM is rated, the less room ther eis for improvement. But jumping 25% w/o a voltage bump is a stretch. If ya look at the article here .....

    You will see that they took the ....

    2133 set of RAM to 2800
    2400 set of RAM to 3200
    3200 set of RAM to 3300

    Now when reading this, there will be some folks that will have smoke coming outta their ears about JEDEC Specs and a maximum of 1.2V ... however, by definition, XMP is not JEDEC compliant and intel has sets way over 1.2v on their I5 / i7 Certified Compatible" listings

    Legit Reviews contacted Intel about the safe voltage range on DDR4 memory and we received this response.

    “1.5v is the absolute max we allow for XMP certifications. However, good DDR4 memory will run at 1.35v up to 3200. Technically, no “safe” (guaranteed) OC over-voltage but 1.35v or lower is best.” – Intel

    I have seen Mushkin Redlines DDR4 2400 running on a box w/ 1.94 volts and JEDEC max was 1.50. Most XMP 2400 was certified at 1.65 ... my box has em at 1.71v.
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