Ryzen 5 1600, have i lost the silicon lottery?

Hi, so recently i got my ryzen 5 system, for the past week i've been trying to overclock my cpu/ram. So far i've gotten my chip to what seems to be stable 3.75Ghz by using an offset voltage, by default the voltage is at 1.23750v for my chip, so i've added an offset of .93v i believe, which brings the voltage upwards of 1.3v, (under load being at around 1.33 - 1.36v). Sadly i can't seem to achieve any higher OC with reasonable voltage, as 3.9 and neither 3.8ghz is stable even at around 1.4v, which IMO is ridicilously high for such overclock.
Maybe there is something im missing out on? Like some settings that increase stability etc?
One thing i got fairly lucky with is my ram, as i can run it at 3066mhz by just setting an XMP profile in my bios.

My rig:
R5 1600, using the stock wraith cooler btw, which handles the current oc really good
Asus b350f rog strix gaming mobo
2x4GB of corsair lpx veng. ram
CX650M Watt PSU
Gainward's GTX 1060 6G
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  2. I've tried that as well, setting it to High, maybe gives a little more stability, still not enough to pass cinebench run though.. :[
  3. Mess with it. Have you tried medium? if its set to high it will lower the voltage more than it needs to, to compensate for vdroop and cause more instability.
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    Try hard setting SOC voltage also, to 1.2v. It helps on some boards.

    In the end, its just a 1600. Its the lower binned chip vs the 1600X's that should reach 4.0 or very close to it with ease. It may just be your CPU.
  5. I assume your bios is up to date by your ram speeds, but I figure I'll ask.
  6. Yeah, haven't had the time to fiddle around with it, but bios is up-to-date. Will try oc'ing later today i think.
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