Corsair H60 incompatible with NZXT Hue?

I recently installed the Corsair H60 in my build, but when I try to get NZXT CAM to start up it wont start. I've tried reinstalling CAM, but it just shows up as an unknown installation. I've heard that there is a software conflict between Corsair Link and CAM, so I'm thinking it could be that, but the H60 does not have RGB and the box doesn't say integrated Corsair link anywhere, so I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
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    The H60 is a standalone unit, it's not controllable by either CAM or CL. It lacks the USB link. It also depends on how you hooked it up. If you followed Corsair directions, you slapped the pump (3pin) on the cpu_fan header (dedicated pwm) which renders the header as useless except as a 12v uncontrollable source with a tach attached. The fan being on any other system fan header. The only ways to get any accurate temp control are 2 fold. 1) switch the headers around so the fan is on cpu_fan header and the pump is on a system header (set in bios for 100% duty cycle permanently) or use SpeedFan and setup the system fan header with the fan on it as a temp address from the cpu, thereby powering the fan according to the cpu temp, not the case temp. In neither situation will CL or CAM work to do anything other than read the pump speed and fan speed.

    If you go with option #1, and put the pump on sys_fan, fan on cpu_fan, then all you'll need is something like AMD Overdrive or Realtemp to monitor your cpu temps (active temp shows up in the taskbar) and leave the cpu as bound to bios for actual control of the fan according to cpu parameters.

    This'll mean you have no use for CL, resolving any possible conflict with CAM.
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