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I have a Gigabyte - GA 78LMT USB3 Micro ATX AM3+ Motherboard i also have a AMD FX 8350 water cooled with cosair vengeance pro 2x4gb i have tried to overclock it before but all i get is a failed boot it tell's me that i have changed beyond the current recommendation and it says i can go back to bios or start up anyway never overclocked before is there something am doing wrong i have followed some steps from a previous thread but have no idea what am doing so don't want my pc to blow up :P any help would be much appreciated my settings are at stock so i would be starting from scratch
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  1. How to Overclock not that I am good at it but you can use AMD overdrive but overclocking is going to underclook certain parts of the system and if done wrong or too agresive will cause the system not to boot meaning you will have to remove cmos batt and start again from scratch. I think a far better way too gain some performance is to download MSI afterburner and tweak your graphics card performance you go to far you will see artifacts in the screen so take it back a bit and should be fine
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  2. Using GUI tools for CPU overclocking is not the most recommended method. You will have much better results by making adjustments manually in the BIOS.

    It sounds like a lot of Google on the subject is needed - there are A LOT of guides out there that can help users learn what is needed to overclock.
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