Reusing AIO radiator, H110 from corsair

Can you reuse the H110 from corsair's radiator for an open loop?
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  1. No, the fittings are epoxied on.
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  2. In all honesty, you wouldn't really want to use one of these radiators for this purpose as many of them are aluminum.
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  3. Here check how it looks i have removed the pipes of mine radiator
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  4. It is just a normal, cheap radiator, depending on model, also looks like this:
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  5. Well I guess I was wrong. You can use it. Did you have to apply heat to remove the epoxy? Or did you just wrench it off?
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  6. Many of them have a clamp or some form of fitting that secures it, but some have been plastic tubing secured by glue or epoxy. In all honesty, if the closed loop cooler has a brass radiator, that is likely the best component in the cooler, but most are aluminum. They serve a purpose, but but really just barely at low cost.
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