Possible dying/dead motherboard?

I own a MSI Z270 Xpower Titanium and I am having a few issues.

First, the audio doesn't work half the time, and now I can not get it to work at all even after many restarts and audio driver replacements.

Second, I think the PCIE lanes all died for a second. All of them stopped working for a bit, EX no video card dectected, WIFI stopped working, etc

Third, a lot of BSODS. 3-4 in a row with windows trying to fix it with a drive thing.

Does this sound like a motherboard issues? Could it be CPU? (7700k)

Thanks for all replies.
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  1. What were your blue screens?
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  2. something about an exception. But the actual code varied each time.
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    The actual errors are very important, as a collection of them will often have one specific plausible culprit in common. If you can, try and recreate them.
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  4. Ok, first download bluescreenview ( and post a screenshot of the bluescreen errors...
    Then, list all the components in your pc; PSU, Graphics card, cooler, everything.
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  5. Hey, replaced motherboard. Works great now, thank you all for the help!
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