Will Intels Coffee lake i3 be 4 core CPU like Ryzen 3

Hi all,

I'm wondering if new i3 line will have 4 cores to compete against Ryzen 3? What's your opinion?

I'd love intel i3 with 4 cores and 110 € price tag. I need IGP and 4 cores to be able to work fluently. Cheap GPUs have only 2 digital outputs these days, so IGP is an easier solution. I just find it hard to justify paying 170 € for i5, when Ryzen 1600 costs 200 € (granted without IGP).
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  1. According to leaked info which is not verified, the i3s will have four physical cores for the first time. The former 4-core series i7s are getting a promotion to 6-cores and possibly i5s as well. Whatever the G-series replacement will be will remain 2-cores. Now the question will be what will be the pricing structure. Previously the top end i3 was dangerously close in pricing to a low end i5.

    Officially, Intel has not released actual chipset series specs yet.
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  2. it was about time to see vanish 2 cores cpus

    i would expect that all i3 become pentiums then

    4, 6 and 8 cores with lots of threads will come

    if it wasn't for amd, intel would keep selling 2 cores until the 2025!
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  3. Lets hope its true. Coffee lake could be around the block according to Tom's hardware and Tech spot. If they come with another 2 core reincarnation I'll have to migrate to AMD, regardless of their lack of IGP.
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  4. ^^Yeah no kidding. I'm thrilled that the i5s "might" be going Hex now. They made the right move on that for sure if true to compete with Ryzen's mid-tier Hex CPUs. Makes you wonder if they had some information about what AMD was up to. You don't develop these new chips overnight.

    For the former 4-core i7s (77xx-series), it was a no-brainer. What I'm most interested in is seeing what they do with the mobile CPUs. Previously an i5 mobile CPU still only had 2 physical cores. I'd like to see four cores on a mobile i5.
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  5. My guess of Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs:

    Celeron: 2 core
    Pentium: 2 core hyper threaded like the g4560
    i3: 4 core
    i5: 4 core hyper threaded
    i7: 6 core hyper threaded
    i9: anything above the i7
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  6. I'm a little worried though. Why would Intel just release new Kaby Lake i3 2 core processors? It doesn't make any sense.
    Except, if they had them in production before 4 core Ryzen 3 $110 was a fact and couldn't just throw them away or relabel them as Pentiums.
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  7. Quote:
    I'd like to see four cores on a mobile i5.

    We've been there since the i5-6300HQ, but I'd like to see it with the U-series chips as well.
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  8. 2 cores are just not enough these days. Any heavy multitasking chokes 2 core CPU. I was getting 90-100 % usage all the time. Thanks god that AMD put stop to Intel's nonsense that 90 % of users still don't need more then 2 cores. We might not need 6/8 cores, but 4 should be mainstream nowdays.
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  9. ^^Ah. I missed Skylakes HQ series somehow. Last mobile i5 chip I was looking at was Haswell.
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    Its all nice and stuff, but im still going to pick AMD over Intel if both end up being 6 cores next year. Simply because Intel now acts nicely so they want everyone to go buy Intel again, and then AMD falls behind again and once that happens Intel is going to fall back in their old habits buy selling everything for high prices with zero innovations.

    We need both Intel and AMD competing for our own good.
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