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I have an HP Pavilion dv7-1245ca that was given to me and so far it's a pretty good laptop, but given the age and CPU, a bit laggy.

Searched for a long time last night for this model's service manual, seem to be able to find every other version of it except what I had, finally looked up the CPU and socket, which is an AMD Turion X2 RM-72... from what I gather, for this socket there really aren't many CPU options available, and none are Quad-Core.

Will any other motherboards be a direct swap for this laptop? I know there was an Intel version made, which is what I'd prefer... can sometimes get a used board off eBay pretty cheap. I know for my niece her laptop's onboard video died, I ended up getting a slightly newer board with twice the video memory for $35CAD.

Anyone know if a direct swap mobo exists? Intel hopefully that will take a QuadCore?
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  1. that laptop is basically 10 years old

    the price of a new motherboard, that will surely not fit overpasses the cost of this old laptop, you will get more money by selling the parts and buying a new laptop than spending money on it

    it is not worth of time or money
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  2. Got the laptop for free... if I can get a board and an Intel Quad-Core upgrade for under $80 total off eBay I'd say it's worth while.

    Plus, if the laptop isn't worth while upgrading... how much money exactly would I be getting for parts? Who would buy the? :D
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  3. That or if my info is incorrect... will any quad-cores fit in this?
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    the ram, hard disk, keyboard, lcd screen and other parts to keep old laptops alive are viable to sell

    i would buy a 4 cores cpu on a newer laptop and leave it as it is or sell it entire or in parts
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