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Hi i downloaded a bios app then i run it on my laptop and as soon as i realised its flashing i cancelled now my laptop is like dead cz its not working what do i do
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  1. Which BIOS app?

    Never cut power to a system while updating/flashing the BIOS. You can end up bricking it.

    Which laptop specifcially? I suspect you're going to have to reach out to the laptop manufacturer in this case. Although if it's older, it's probably going to be more economical to replace the laptop that to spend the time to replace the BIOS chip (if it comes down to that).
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    Honestly if all else fails. You can try a manual BIOS factory reset. That's if you can get into the laptop and if the CMOS battery can be removed.

    Power down the system, unplug all power bricks, open the laptop and remove the CMOS battery and hit the power button a couple times to drain any remaining system power.

    Wait a few minutes, plug the CMOS battery back in and attempt to boot.

    If it works, you may need to go back into BIOs and reset and date and time. Also may have to change to your boot devices\types.

    Hopefully it can revert to defaults. If not, you may have bricked your BIOS. Its like getting half way through a Windows OS install then turning off the PC. The software is only half installed now, it wont be able to function.
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  3. its a toshiba satellite pro. C850 c019
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