Guide on how to overclock Intel i7-7700k

Hi guys, I was wondering if I can get a help on how to overclock a 7700K, as I'm new to this and have never done it before. I know some things of overclock in bios and correct me if I'm wrong but do I:

1. change to syncs all cores and have xmp enabled?
(I currently have the ram xmp by just enabling it, 7700K is at default 4.2 ghz boost to 4.5)

2. change core ratio to 47
(I plan to do 4.7ghz)

3. change core voltage?
(I don't know what to do with this, I know manual but what number do i
start off with? I'm very confused in core voltage).

So, I want to start of 4.7 ghz or maybe even 4.8. Core voltage start with 1.328? or what :S Is there anything else I need to do? could i just get a step on what to do so I can follow based on your guys response.

Specs: 7700k, Asus Strix Z270F Motherboard, NZXT Kraken x62 AIO and Gskill Ram RGB 16gb 3000mhz cas 14

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  2. kewl beans,thnx all...btw thats an awesome chart...whoever made it is genius lol
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  3. biglizard said:

    jaysus...5.4 on the 7700k..he must have like liquid nitrogen cooling that thing,i brought the 4790k to 4.8,but it would blue screen time tro time,and figured it wasnt worth playing with the voltage anymore,its stable with no problems at i just left it be
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