i5-6600K overclocking problems

Hello everyone,

My rig:
Intel i5-6600K
Corsair H110i GT 280mm CPU cooler
Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5
Kingston DDR4 2400MHz 8GB x2
Asus GTX1070 Strix OC

I have had way too many overclocking problems with my i5-6600K.

1. I can't overclock from the BIOS, it doesn't let me change anything, the only thing I can do is choose OC presets for the i5-6600K but none of them work, they insta-crash my windows booting and need to use the USB with windows in order to fix the booting loop.

2. I can overclock with the Gigabyte software inside windows, any overclock up to 4.6GHz seems fine, I tested with Aida64, Prime95, Cinebench, OCCT, gaming is fine and any use is stable. but once I restart my pc, BSOD.

3. If I use the MB software inside windows to choose OC mode (4.1Ghz) it works stable even after rebooting.

I need help to either find out how to OC from the BIOS (in order to get stable windows boots) or help to find a solution to max the CPU but not having to deal with BSODs all the time. I have a great cooler I got for a decent price, and I don't really care if I burn this CPU (could be a good excuse to get an i7).

* I have updated the BIOS to its latest version F21.
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  1. Waited for a new MB update, and now I can overclock from the BIOS and it is an order of magnitude more stable and easier to test.
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