Sub Network in a dorm room - no authentication?

Okay, I am starting college in a month and I have a question. The wifi in the dorm room isn't very strong so I need to use the Ethernet drop.

I have a new Sharp Roku Tv and It does not have an Ethernet port. I can use an Ethernet USB dongle and it will connect fine, but there is no way to enter the user name or password that I understand is required on the Ethernet connection in the dorm.

I "think" I can get a router and create a subnet. The router would authenticate the network and all the drops will then be open. Is that correct or is this wishful thinking?

Can you suggest a college budget friendly router? Wireless subnet not allowed!

Another option:
The Ethernet dongle has MAC address to the other option is to call RESNet and see if they will White list it. I "think" that would work...
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    This all depends on what authentication the network needs at the ethernet port. If you have to type in a username/password....your own router will not work.

    But...good news. You are not the first person to think of this at your school.
    Ask other people. Ask the IT dept.
    They either have a solution, or it can't be done.
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