Is asus p7p55d-e lx and samsung 850 evo ssd compatible?

hi. iv bought a 250 gb samsung evo ssd and installed a clean win7. I have 363 read 215 write speeds. when ı opened samsung magician i see ahci mode deactivated and sata interference N/A. When I contacted the asus support thy told me that my ssd was not compatible with my ssd. Is there a way to improve my read/write speeds.
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  1. could be that your mobo is sata 1 or 2 and hence it affects your read write speeds
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  2. Other than upgrading? nothing
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  3. ı have 6gb true sata 3 port, doesn't that count for ssd compatibility
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  4. if you have then why do you ask
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  5. try pluging the ssd using the 6GB port. And it also could be the version of windows you have.
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  6. ı have win7 ultimate sp1, I have plug the ssd through 6gb port which I believe sata3, but ssd works slower than advertised and in addition, samsung software that came with the ssd says
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  7. Ersin KILIC said:
    ı have 6gb true sata 3 port, doesn't that count for ssd compatibility

    Use the 2gb ports. It was an issue with the marvel controller. The intel sata 2 controller works fine.

    Also according to "Tweakboy" on the Anand forums

    "if you really need it to be enabled then use 3Gbps. I promise you won't notice the diff between 3 and 6gbps, Large file transfer 3 would give you 300mbps ,,,, If you use 6gbps then thats 500mbps, however it might interfere with marvel, so once again, if you need it then just conn the SSD to sata 2 and enjoy! "

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