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Hello I overlcocked my I5 7600K to 5GHZ 1.304v and under load jumps to 1.312v
I have a Corsair H110i and at 100% temps are at 60° celsius
What do you think should I get down the voltage?
It is my first time overclocking so I dont have any experience
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  1. Try to decrease your voltage in steps of 5 mV as long as the processor is stable when running prime95. Once the system crashes, increase 5 mV and test for stability. Leave it at the lowest stable voltage. This may reduce your load temperatures by upto 5°C

    But as already your temperature is 60°C, I don't see any compelling reason to decrease the voltage.
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  2. Hope this help because I oced my 7600k to 5ghz too with 1.275v: the voltage that the mobo supplies to the CPU is not always stable, it can be by the powerline or by the motherboard itself, but is not stable always, so, if the voltage goes down more than the CPU needs, it can cause problems, so, to avoid that, the mobo supplies the processor with more voltage than needed, to avoid damage, and also because that's the way it works, if you specify a determinated voltage, the mobo will automatically rise it up a little bit when it's under load and it will go down to the volts you specified (sometimes a little bit more, as I said, to avoid damage) when it's in idle, do you understand it now? I didn't understood it too the first days as 1st time builder, but later I realized it and now I'm here to help :)
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