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Hello Everyone! I have the AMD Ryzen 1700, I have been lucky enough to get a 3.9ghz overclock on my 1700.
I am using the Asus Prime B350m motherboard, and it uses voltage offsets instead of just typing a voltage in. So i am at what i assume is max Vcore voltage because it wont let me past +.200000

I can boot into windows 10 at 4ghz, but I cant run cinebench or I crash.

Is there anything else I can do to try and get that extra 100mhz for the clean 4ghz OC? Or am i just stuck and thats the highest the chip can go? Thanks
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  1. It's not stable then.
    Don't worry, it's a very elusive clock speed with Ryzen.
    3.8 is usually the highest most can go, I wouldn't bother, the voltage spike is huge anyway, and temps will jump.
    3.9 is still a fantastic OC, stick with it.
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  2. Also: my temps are fantastic on the OC.

    at 3.9 ghz using the NZXT Kraken x52, my idle temps are 29c on idle and 54c at 100% load.

    Just wanted some outside opinion to see if i can raise it any further. Thanks!
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  3. 54c at 100%?
    Seems a bit low tbh, but nice. :)
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  4. Chugalug_ said:
    54c at 100%?
    Seems a bit low tbh, but nice. :)

    Im basis that statement off of memory. Ill post a picture tomorrow of the temps under load, i know it wont be much higher than 60. Ill get back to you on that though.
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  5. That's fine, as long as its below 80c you're set.
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  6. 54 degrees at 3.9 GHz is awesome. I'm getting 55 degrees at 3.7 GHz and was pretty pleased with that.
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