First time overclocking/ASUS Z270F/Intel i56400

Just recently built my first computer and im very happy with it but the thing is ive never overclocked a computer before and all the numbers dont mean much to me im very new to this. I want to do this the safest way while still getting a significant boost in performance, is there anyway someone could help guide me threw a asus z270 bios for oc? Thanks.

Intel i56400

Hyper 212 evo

trident ripjawz 16gb 3000mhz

ASUS Z270F strix

gtx 1060

1tb hdd
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  1. Can't oc your processor
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  2. Im already overclocking tho? :/
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  3. You can't. Your CPU is locked and only the 100 series chipset can use older BIOS to overclock non k CPU via BCLK, AFAIK.
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  4. Theres multiple threads on here stating otherwise. are they all wrong? lol
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  5. Z170 can get older BIOS that allows BCLK overclocking. Z270 BIOS has that disabled already.
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