NO HDMI display for Brand new Build MSI X370 SLI Plus Motherboard and Ryzen 5 1600 with Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti [Solved]

Similar issue to aother post from a month back. new build, no output to monitor
msi X370 SLI plus motherboard
Ryzen 5 1600 CPU
Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti GPU
2 X Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Single DDR4 RAM
Corsair 500 watt PSU
MyDigitalSSD BPX 80mm M.2 PCI Express SSD (120GB)

Initially - everything powered on and all diagnostic LEDs on the mobo were off except the iGPU not detected (which I believe is to be expected since the Ryzen 5 1600 does not have one). But when I plugged the HDMI cable to the GPU output, got no signal on the monitor.
On reading the posts here, I tried a few things
1) Removed 1 of the two RAMs - no impact
2) Removed both the RAMs and restarted....the diagnostic light on no RAM came on
3) Replace the RAM back and started getting the BOOT LED light ('indicates booting device is not detected or fail')
4) removed GPU and as expected the VGA led came on ('GPU not detected or fail')
5) Replaced the GPU and the light went off
6) Also tried to reset the BIOS by shorting the Clear CMOS jumper on motherboard

All through these kept trying to see if at any point I get a signal for the monitor but no luck.

Went to a local big box store where a knowledgeable seeming guy suggested that the drivers for the GPU are not installed and so the system does not know how to use the GPU and I should attempt to load the drivers on to the hard drive by connecting to another computer. Also read that perhaps I should try to connect first to a monitor with a VGA connector (my monitor only has an HDMI) and then load the drivers.

Current situation - when I turn the unit on, all fans come on, the GPU fan shuts down but the motherboard lights seem to be on with al the other system and CPU fans running. Two of the 5 diagnostic LEDs remain on - GPU (CPU's iGPU not detected), and BOOT (booting device not detected or fail). And of course, no signal detected on the monitor. Any suggestions on what I should do next (other than return all the components and reorder them and try all over again)?
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    OK. Looks like I made a rookie mistake. Since all the components were new including the hard drive, all I had to do was insert my Windows 10 installation DVD and everything was fine thereafter. I got to it by first creating a bootable thumb drive on my other computer (to take care of the BOOT error) and then tried restarting but this time with the Windows 10 installation DVD. So far so good
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