help Msi Z270 xpower gaming titanium i7 7700k DDR4 3600 isues

Team in question:

7 7700k stock
Msi z270 xpower gaming titanium
Ddr4 gskill rgb 32gb 3600 mhz 4x8. The memories are 2 packs of F4-3600C16D-16GTZR
Sli gtx 1080.
M2 samsung 960 250gb.
Corsair rm1000x
Nzxt hue +
Corsair h115i
Corsair 780t
last bios 1.20

All right... :

As it turns out - I think its the ram; the equipment all bought in June.
If I directly connect the keyboard and the mouse to the pc I do not have lag ie if I write home can leave casaaaaa sometimes using hub of usbs fed.

MSi tells me that the rams are not compatible and g.skill that if they are and so for 1 month and a half.

Is it time to change plaques and rams?


Tested hubs on another pc with my keyboard and mouse do not generate lags.
Tested with another mouse and another keyboard in my pc same effect.
Reinstalling same effect system.
Rams stock at 2133 do not generate lag,

Light up a little

I am thinking in if I change of plate to buy an asus which you recommend me? a greeting.

Edit: I guess it will not be a processor thing ...

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  1. Only 2 modules are guaranteed to run at 3600 in a single system. With both kits installed, enable XMP, then lower frequency until the system can boot. Let us know the result.
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