Which terrible gpu should I choose?

My friend has a geforce 210 at the moment and plays most older games at under 30 fps with a xeon C5355.
So I offered to upgrade his pc with some old components I have lying about (amd a8 6600k with integrated graphics and a supported mobo). I could install them, or I could also add a radeon HD 6450 over the integrated graphics. Which should I choose?
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    The A8 has a HD8570D igpu and stomps all over the HD6450.

    Also, I believe the cpu is a Xeon X5355, X4 2.66Ghz and the A8 is superior.

    So the A8-6600K + 2x4GB DDR3-2133MHz memory is your best option.

    The HD6450 is also superior to the Geforce 210.
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