Thermal paste on chipset heatsink?

Do I need to apply thermal paste to this heatsink that covers the chipset on the motherboard?
See pictures below:
Thanks in advance
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  1. Yes, if there's a cooler it needs the paste.
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  2. What CPU?

    The most efficient way to apply thermal paste depends on what cpu it is.
    Forget most of y heard.

    Just do a string. Now, depending how many cpu core and how these are organized inside the chip, meaning how they located beneath the top cooler plate of the cpu:

    For ex.
    It doesn't matter at all which brand You have, but just follow these simple instructions from Artcic Silver (which btw is a very good one)

    For Intel:
    For AMD:

    As You see if you click in the corresponding link, very few of these require other than a thin line.
    However this line should and must be drawn either vertical or horizontal, depending och which CPU in question.

    Now, some of these instructions give the opportunity to use a credit card or similar. Not at all. Just do the string and it should be very thin btw. once the cooler is mounted, it will even it out in between,

    Best regads from Sweden
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  3. It's chipset not CPU.
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  4. I'm sorry. I misunderstood. :sad:
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  5. So if you look at the two pictures of the heatsink (the first being the top and the second being the bottom) this fits on top of the chipset on the MB; do I need to spread a thin layer of paste on the bottom of the heatsink (picture 2)?

    I know what to do regarding the CPU in this matter.
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