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Hello guys.
I'm planning to buy Asus Prime Z270-A. But on amazon there are lots of negative customer reviews. And now i can't even decide i should buy it or not. Guys how already bought it, please share you experience.
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    Asus Prime Z270-A owner here. I have had mine since February/March and have 0 issues with it. I have a i7-7700K installed and, while I haven't had the need to overclock, the BIOS seems to make it look relatively easy if I ever get the bug to do it. I think there have been only two major BIOS updates...some people like updates more often...and hopefully it doesn' t mean that Asus isn't done working with it. I just looked on Amazon and it has 4 stars. Not bad. Granted, most people don't publish take that into account.
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  2. I have i5-7600k as my cpu. When i installing my cpu into freshly unboxed Z270-A, do have to update BIOS version to make my CPU work?
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