CPU fan isn't spinning only shaking left right but PSU runs.

Hi... . I'm Roy
Please help me.. .
I'm in big trouble with my desktop.
I pressed power button and i see spark into the PSU & smoke .
I think that my PC will be OK by changing PSU.
So, that I managed another PSU from my friend for tasting.

And then I faced a terrible problem.
I unmounted Mather board form cabinet and placed it on desk and remove all peripherals. I connect PSU with the board (only essential ports 4pin for CPU & 24 for mono) and try to power up by shorting pw switch pins.
Then it happens something weird that I'm not deserved.

The PSU fan is spinning slowly only when I touch(short) those power pins and after leaving (opened) PSU fan stopped .but CPU fan can't run just moving at its position (I mean, its like shaking or vibrating at its position, not rotating). After that I connect a POST card on PCI slot and it blinking totally I mean this card can't get constant supply for run.

I'm afraid about the mono & processor.

What is happened With my desktop??
What is the problem ?mono or processor???

Please help me . I'm worry about the PC

Please help me.
PC spec:
i3 3210
Intel DH61ww mother board
8 GB of ram & 1TB HDD
470w iball smps (PSU)

And sorry for my bad English

Thanx in advance
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    If the PSU that failed was on the same low quality level as that iball then it could have fried anything or everything. This is why cheaping out on the PSU is a bad idea. You pretty much have to start testing the parts in a known good system to find out whats been damaged.
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