Cannot enable 144hz on Radeon HD 7950

I have an XFX Radeon HD 7950 card, and I just purchased the Monoprice MP27 Zero-G monitor (1440p Freesync) based on the favorable review that Tom's Hardware gave it recently. First off, shame on me for not doing the research to see that the 7000 series cards are not capable of freesync, oh well.

This is a 144hz monitor, and I know that even though the 7950 is an old graphics card it should be able to get the frame rate up into the 100s at 2560x1440 on older games and indie titles. The problem is, no matter how I connect the monitor I cannot get any refresh rate other than 60hz. Both in windows 10 setting and in the Radeon settings utility I see no option to change the refresh rate. If I click into the "additional settings" area in the preference menu of the radeon settings utility it shows that the maximum supported refresh rate of the monitor is 144hz, but I don't see any way to actually make it run at that refresh rate. I have tried connecting the monitor via displayport and HDMI. The only thing I have not tried is DVI-D because I only have a single link cable, but I thought displayport was the superior connection method. I have found some old forum threads on various sites of people claiming to be running high refresh rate monitors with 7950 cards and posters who do mention how they've connected their monitors seem to have all used DVI-D.

I have tried creating custom resolutions from within Radeon settings, but any time I change the refresh rate to anything other than 60 it tells me it's not compatible with my display.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I figured it out.....I had to go into Display Adapter Properties in the Windows 10 settings and select the refresh rate from there. It's now working at 144hz over displayport. Dragging things around the desktop is amazingly smooth and I'm seeing over 100 fps on older less demanding games.
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