I can't find a board OC capable for my 3570k

Here's my rig on PartPicker: (+ 1x8GB DDR3 RAM which I can't remember the brand/model)

From what I've read online, my mobo doesn't allow OC'ing. So I've looked around for one that does, and all Z77 chipset LGA 1155 mobos are discontinued. On ebay the only thing I can see is £255 - which is not happening.
If anyone knows where I could get a fitting mobo that costs around £100 (or less!) that would be awesome. Looking for UK sellers as international shipping isn't cheap :(

If there really is nothing out there, I don't mind selling my i5 and buying a new CPU+Mobo+RAM combo. If this is the case it'll probably be best for me to make a new thread in the correct forum area.

Many thanks,
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    Have you searched thru ebay UK?
    Here's one example right at the top.

    I'm in the US, so I'm not very good at comparing prices in your currency.
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