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Hello, I'm not very tech savvy and took the steps off one of the posts on here the other day to figure out what was wrong with my computer, well come to find out it was my graphics card that was causing me to blue screen anytime i attempted to load a game,(it's fine just surfing the net and watching youtube vids). I was using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, and am looking to get a new card, maybe something just a little better if my computer can handle it. So i'm here for some support on what my computer can handle, I know one of the main things that I've seen was "whats your budget", well mine isn't super high i 'm more so just looking for options that i can choose from when the time is right for me. So just to have a selection would be great!! I like to game and trying to use the on board graphics are a no go as i only get like 2-4 fps lol, I mainly play WoW. Here are the specs for my set-up

Processor: Amd Fx(tm)-6300 Six-core-processor

Installed memory(ram): 8.00gb

system type: 64-bit Operating syster, x64-based processor

Solid gear Sdgr-550e psu

So any help/advice would be great <3 thanks in advance ~Jen~
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    If you don't need GPU right now you can just wait for the gtx 2000 series, if you need it right now you could pick under 180$ Gtx 1050 ti 4gb or if your budget let's you just buy 1060 6gb and you will be happy for a few years with that card.
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  2. Cool thanks for replying! Yea i was looking to get it next week some time I don't want to wait to long. Figured I wanted something a little better then what i was running with but nothing super spectacular right now as eventually i would like to get a newer rig , I've had this comp for a few years and was thinking about giving it to my kids lol... Just wanted to make sure that whatever i get my comp could handle/use it. So I'll look into the gtx 1050
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