Only 7.9 GB of RAM available. 8.1 GB in reserved.


I have 2 8GB RAM sticks and both appear on all of my applications, yet task manager says that half of it is reserved. I have looked around on other forums yet most of the answers I have found are confusing or inconclusive.

So far I've cleaned the RAM and changed the slots it was in to no avail. I've tried nothing else yet.

Does anyone know a fix for this please?

Specs and problem
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  1. Can you post screenshot from msconfig Boot/Advanced Options ?
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  2. attempt this:

    msconfig (type into search to launch "system configuration")
    advanced options,

    See what happens if you enable "Maximum Memory" then reboot

    If no luck, try running Windows memory diagnostic (type "memory" into search) and see if all 16GB (16,384MB) is being tested. Let the test run for an hour when it's convenient to test the memory.

    Also, make sure you use the correct motherboard slots if they aren't all occupied. See motherboard manual if unsure.
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    What motherboard are you using, in your second picture it show 16GB but running in single channel mode. Read the manual and make sure the ram is in the right slots.
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  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Tried each of these but didn't do anything. Your suggestion about single channel made sense. Then checked the BIOS and the RAM was running at the wrong speed, so changed that and now all the RAM is available and at duel channel!
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