PC will not boot after installing new motherboard and CPU

Hello, I've installed today new MSI970 motherboard and AMD8350 CPU.

After switching on, the PC runs and all fans are working with lights on motherboard but on display i just cannot see anything.
Even the keyboard and mouse appears not to work, for they didn't light as they normally do, nor the CD-rom can be open, it ust won't do anything.

I've tried to run on just one RAM (2×8GB HyperX), removing and reseating the CMOS battery or the wellknown trick with holding power button. But nothing works..
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  1. If you can, get this back to the shop and get something more future proove.

    Which power supply is it?

    Which graphics card is it? Is it installed in the upper PCIe slot?

    Did you plug in all power connectors?
    PCIe 6Pin power to GPU
    CPU/ATX12V 8pin power (not just one 4pin plug) to motherboard net to the CPU
    Main power plug 24pin (not just 20pins)

    In which DIMM Slot is the one RAM installed?

    Clear Cmos by jumper

    Slow mode booting switch is default?

    Standups installed correctly between case and motherboard?
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