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Im currently running a i7 4770k and am trying to overclock, however i am finding my cpu runs quite hot, I have a corsair H110i water cooler but have replaced the fans with thermaltake riing plus rgb fans. Could these fans not have the power to cool the radiator? Im sitting on 1.15volts on vcore and under prime95 stress test am getting between 80-90degrees on my corsair link.
Could this be my fans? Or maybe a bad thermal paste bond? Or does link provide accurate temp reads?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. the 4770K was plagued with temperature issues due to inferior TIM that intel used.

    In a lot of cases, delidding was the only way to overclock and keep the temps down on that CPU

    Those fans aren't as high RPM as the corsair ones, but they go up to 1500rpm, so should be good enough

    Double check the temps with hwinfo

    Might be worth reseating the cooler with a fresh layer of TIM
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  2. Thanks for that, I will re apply some arctic silver, may have done to much to begin with or something.
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  3. Check your pump speed in corsair link. It tends to default to low speed. You can set it to performance mode in link and it can make a big difference alone.
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