Guide me for purchasing a new GPU

Hi guys! I am going to purchase a new GPU which is Asus r9 280x 3gb 358 bit ddr5. My budget is quite low so can anyone tell which graphics card is just better from r9 280x? Thanks
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  1. It all depends on your budget, and if you already have a good PSU.
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    A 280X is a rebadged HD 7970 so that puts it, relative to the newest generation of cards, in the 1050 Ti range. So if you want something a step up from there, you're looking at AMD RX 470/570 or Nvidia 1060 at least.
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  3. just dont do it!first of all it is old...second you will need a very good PSU to support it...with the same money you can buy the GTX 1060 which is new and better(check the benchmarks to convince you)
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    Question from taimoorbaig382 : "Guide me for purchasing a new GPU."

    taimoorbaig382 said:
    Hi guys. I am going to buy a new gpu which is r9 280x 3gb 384bits ddr5. Actually I am going to purchase it just for GAMING. Now which one should I purchase?






    Are these manufacturers? And which one of them will perform the best? Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks

    gdmaclew said:
    Asus and Sapphire are usually considered the top tier.

    taimoorbaig382 said:
    Which is better Asus or sapphire?

    Anonymous said:
    yes Asus and Sapphire are reputable producers, but my my question is why ?
    buy a r9 280x today ?
    buy a r9 380 or a Fury or a rx 480.....

    taimoorbaig382 said:
    I don't have enough money. I live in Pakistan.

    My budget is PKR.15000
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