Will a Intel i5 2400 bottleneck a MSI GTX 1050TI Gaming?

I've been considering replacing my GTX 650 with a MSI GTX 1050 Ti gaming but I was wondering if my i5 2400 will bottleneck it. With this configuration I can play PUBG at low setting?
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  1. Not significantly Intel really hasnt done too much since the 2000 series days so it should work fine though i would start saving for an upgrade
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  2. Agree with above, it is still a decent quadcore, and you should get pretty decent frames with the 1050 TI. It is a big upgrade over the 650!
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    There is no blanket answer to any bottle necking question as there are so many variables that it depends on which haven't been described. The easiest/best way is to test yourself. With your current GPU installed, open the intended game and set the resolution temporarily to as low as you can (eg. 400 x 400). This should reduce the GPU low significantly and hopefully shift the limiting factor towards the CPU. The FPS you receive there is your CPU's boundaries, no matter what GPU is installed.

    That said, there are already benchmarks running PUBG with the i5 2400 + GTX 1050ti. Here is one,
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