Any cinema receiver with a optical out could I use it to connect to my Yamaha ysp 5100 sound bar for 5.1 ?

Connection query for optical out !
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  1. I don't know if there are any being made with optical audio output anymore but you will basically be using the receiver as an input selector if you connected the soundbar to it.
    Not worth the expense. The soundbar will be doing all the processing anyway. Connect the soundbar to the TV.
    If you need radio connect a tuner (not a receiver) to the aux input on the soundbar. Or stream internet radio from you phone.
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    Question from Trevor_4052 : "Optima hd 141x audio connection"

    On the Optima hd 141x what's the best connection to my Yamaha ysp 5100 to get the full surround effect ?
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