Low CPU and GPU usage, but getting FPS drops

Specs : GTX 960 and I5 - 4460

I have been getting a lot of FPS drops lately and so I ran benchmarks for both CPU and GPU usage while playing CS:GO and I found out that I am only running at 50% CPU usage and 30% GPU usage.

I have turned on both High Performance power plan, and changed every Nvidia setting to high performance, but it is still the same.

How come the fps in CS:GO is fluctuating heavily and being in general low, when my CPU and GPU are running nowhere near their limit?
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  1. are u on the latest driver.to avoid frame drop the gpu needs to work at 100% usage and not your cpu.the cpu usage is higher than the gpu usage which shows that your system is bottlenecking in cs go.try and play other games and see how the usage goes.
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