best card for a terrible psu

Ive recently acquired a decent pc with a crappy psu with no vid card. Wondering what the best card I could get to run without burning my house down. Appreciated

specs are :

i5-4690K LGA1150 socket overclocked a bit
Arctic Freezer 13 Ultra Quite Heatsink
Asus H97M-E
8GB HyperX DDR3 (2 x 4GB sticks)

this is the psu
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    I would change your PSU. You can probably handle any card on the market except the top. For whatever card you're looking at, 450W can handle easily any card with a single 6-8 pin power connector, and probably one 8 pin and a 6 pin. I would doubt two 8 pin

    Your CPU is 88 Watts, add 30 for the board, that's 120 watts. Let's say 150W for safety, and hard drive, heatsink. An 8-pin connector is max 150W specs, 6 pin is 75W, plus 75W from the pci.

    2x8pin connector = 150W+2*150W+75W = 525W
    8pin+6pin = 150W+150W+75W+75W = 450W

    That said, PSU's age. And they contain capacitors, which age. Brand new PSU's make spikes in voltage and noise. The electricity from your outlet has spikes and noise all the time. This takes a toll on the capacitors. After 5+ years, you might be gambling. A bad spike can destroy your motherboard, your GPU, even your CPU.

    You won't burn your house down, but you might fry your board, if the PSU breaks down. It's not that it's crappy, it's that it's old.
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  2. I found a decent looking Asus GTX 960 2gb that ill probably get. Thanks for the reply, appreciated!
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