How likely is It possible to damage gpu with static

I was opening my gpu that just came in the mail. I opened it on my bed wearing pjs. I touched it by mostly the plastic casing (gtx 1060). I touched the back of it, with the exposed parts once to rotate it and get a good grip on it. I soon found out static can kill these things. So I put it back in the bag and box to make sure it was safe. What are the chances i damaged it. I didn't feel any shock. How will I know if it's damaged when I assemble the pc. (Not all parts are here so I can't test now.) thanks
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  1. probably relatively low. GPUs are a bit more tolerant of voltage spikes than CPUs and motherboards but take this as a lesson to be careful in the future. worst case you RMA it and say it didnt work
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    If you didnt feel or see any sort of discharge then there is almost certainly no damage done.
    Having static built up is never the issue, its when it releases.

    Honestly, most of the time its blown out of perspective, you hardly ever hear about anyone who actually had ESD damage.
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