New GTX1080Ti GPU usage ingame 30-70%

Many games lag when playing with my new GTX 1080Ti. I have deleted old drivers and installed new ones but i still get lags in Fallout 4 and GTA V.
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  1. A couple things: Verify the temperature. If may be that you have faulty cooling. Use a program like speccy or other to see what it is during game. Use steam to verify the game files to ensure it is not an issue with that. Is the lagging consistent moments? Try changing the graphic settings as sometimes severely high lighting settings have weird issues. Maybe other users with the same card can shed light on if they are having similar issues that would relate to a driver issue.
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  2. Also to throw into the questions, what monitor are you using? This is a big thing with the 1080Ti is that it is made to be played 2K and up. What PSU are you using? We will need specs or your whole PC.
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    1. What make / model ? ... the reference cards throttle. MSI Afterburner, GPU_z will report temps and any throttling.

    2. have you disabled windows ability to replace your hardware drivers whenever it feels like it ? If not do so:

    3. What resolution... 1080 Ti is way overkill for 1080p .... 1440p is just fine and a bit light for 2160p
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  4. Please provide full specs of your system in case there is a bottleneck especially from the cpu if it is too weak. Also the resolution of your monitor.
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