GPU not working after installing new PSU

So last night my machine randomly turned off and wouldn't restart, I temporarily borrowed my son's PSU to confirm that was the issue and figured it was.

I've today bought a new PSU and after hooking it up discovered my GPU isn't powering up, no display and no fans spinning.

GPU: Sapphire R9 380

GPU takes 2x6 pins.
Old PSU had 2x6 pin cables but the new PSU has 2x6+2 cables which I've split and plugged in both 6 pins, is this correct? I'm concerned the GPU may have gone at the same time.


I removed and reset the motherboard battery after 10 mins, didn't help.

I hooked up my son's GPU which takes a single 6 pin and while it appears to be receiving power with spinning fans, I'm not receiving a hdmi signal. I'm lost.

Thanks in advance.
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    Leaving the +2 out is correct.
    Classic response but ... are you sure the cables are seated properly?

    If you are sure everything is correctly seated, I can only suggest setting your bios back to "optimized defaults". Small chance that might do the trick.
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  2. well.. it does sounds likt it dosent get any power.
    Are you sure the cables are plugged in in both the card and PSU?

    By split, you mean the 6 pins are connected while the +2 just hangs there? It shouldnt be a problem. I have the same in my pc.

    A person told me once, that when changing PSU, you should reset bios. I dont know if its true. But I changed my PSU some months back. I put the new PSU in, reset the bios. Started the pc and it was all good.

    Check the cables, then try to reset bios. Unplug all cables that are connected to the pc, remove the MoBo Battery, press and hold the power button for 20 sec to get out the rest of power. Wait 5-10 min. Put everything back in, start the pc.
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  3. Can you use the onboard gpu to get into windows, check the device manager to make sure the card are detected?
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