New motherboard and CPU, old RAID 0 SSDs

Hi everyone, I just made a huge upgrade to my PC, and I'm having ta problem that I hope you can help me with.

I upgrade my,
Processor: Intel 4970K -> Intel 7700K
RAM: Corsair Dominators 16GB -> G.Skill 32GB Tridentz
Motherboard: Asus sabertooth x79 -> Asus z270 tuf mark 1

I keep the same storage though
2 Samsung 840 Pro ssd

The problem is that the two ssds were on RAID 0, and the new motherboard is refusing to detect them as a bootable drive, but it detects them as two drives in RAID 0

Bios Picture 1

Bios Picture 2

Can you please help me with fixing this.
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  1. I think if I remember right is that once you make the windows OS activated, it stays with that storage device and motherboard. Since you changed the motherboard, you have to reinstall windows. It is a security thing that Microsoft added.
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    Certainly the motherboards use different RAID 0 methods/integrated RAID controllers.

    I would not have any hopes of thinking the old RAID 0 would function as a bootable drop in on a new board....the troubkes would begin long before the different MB/WIndows activation area, I'd think....
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