Can't remember the name of an old learning pc game

I can only faintly remember a couple of details!! I recall a teddy bear being in it somewhere? The game was set in like a bedroom I think?
There was a minigame which involved clicking and making different coloured shapes appear or something like that, and there was another minigame thing which involved a turtle and if you woke him up he complained saying "5 more minutes please" or something along those lines!! It's not very good information I know, but I used to have this as a kid and I was trying to think of the name the other day but couldn't remember. I think it was made in the late 90's-early 2000's? Someone please by some sort of miracle know what game I'm talking about!!
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  1. Check this list to see if your game is in it, it contains all famous games from this age

    Maybe is this one -
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