Why does EVGA's gtx 1080 FTW video card need two 8-pin connectors while other gtx 1080 models only need one?

Just bought a GTX 1080 FTW from EVGA, and I see that it requires two 8-pin connectors for power. Other GTX 1080s only need one 8-pin. Since they're all nVidia GTX 1080s, why does this one need twice the power?

It does come with two cooling fans and RGB lighting, but do those components really need that much power? Or is the power going to the GPU? Then once again, why would it need that much power?

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  1. To allow for higher overclocks, although an 8+6 would be more than enough
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  2. all cards are different they all don't take the same amount of power cards are always different. that one probably takes more power up.
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  3. It could also be that they want to split the power coming into each connector to better handle power supplies that may not provide enough current with just one connector.
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