Diffficulty in ovetclocking intel 7700k

I ran into a bit of a problem. My intel 7700k wont get past the 4.80GHz barrier without thermal throttling or bricking(aka, shutting the system off). Its ridiculous because i have a water cooler to the cpu and ample of air flow

Here are my specs:
1)Intel core i7 7700k
2)Asus gtx 1070 8gb oc graphic card and a gtx 750ti as dedicated physx
3)Asus prime z270-p motherboard
4)Case is a corsair spec alpha with 6 freaking fans.
5)16gb of kingston hyperx ram
6) 265(-ish) of ssd and 5 tb worth of hard drives
7)A 650w power supply frm cooler master
8)Gamer storm closed loop cpu water cooling system

Any ideas on how to solve this? I put the core voltage at 1.300 and higher, but no matter the voltage my system wont go higher than 4.80ghz. I can set the voltage to as high as i want but the system still bricks. Even at default voltage with my multipliers set at ×49 (4 core ratio) i get thermal throttling. All that thermal throttling BS, i thought water cooling would suffice for such a small increase in clock speed.

Does it have anything to do with intel's new bs about 'not overclocking the 7700k cus it will overheat and shit'. Man, what does the 'K' at the back stand for?!?!?!
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  1. It has to do with the tim Intel used under the lid. Many have delidded theirs to get to 5Ghz. Some tho who win the CPU lottery can hit 5Ghz without delidding but those are few.
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  2. You didn't list your cpu cooler.
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  3. I don't think it was ever guaranteed that every 7700k could hit 5GHz.
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