Mother board short-circuited

I was putting my parts in a new case and I think I put the power sw, power leds, reset sw in the wrong pins. It didn't start up and I moved the pins a little and it did for s split second, now no matter what I do it won't turn on. Is it totally broken if not how can I fix it?
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  1. rma your board to the manufacture they may cover it under warranty
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  2. parker_307 said:
    rma your board to the manufacture they may cover it under warranty

    I bought it with a prebuilt in November so I don't think I have a warranty on it
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  3. Do you have the diagram showing how the pins go? I doubt you damaged anything as those circuits are low power and simple analog devices. What model computer? Maybe we can find the manual online.
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    remove everything from MB except:

    main 24 pin ATX power
    AUX CPU power
    **2 pin header from front panel to correct two pins , labeled "PWR"; no polarity to be concerned with
    1 stick of ram in required slot
    GPU installed (if requried) w/ PCI-e supplemental power connected, if present
    *many boards use integrated video if supported by CPU, if this applies, you may be able to skip install of GPU as well...; if board won't even power up, GPU quite irrelevant....
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