Not laptop, ancient desktop with time/date issues.

My desktop computer is old, I run Windows XP still with the now expired Google chrome. I have tried every year to access Wal-Mart's employee website to acquire my husband's w2 and the last two years I get a message stating I cannot access the website as my computer time and date are incorrect. They are not. I checked the time and date, as well as time zone. I even updated my Google chrome to a newer version but no change. incidentally I tried logging on at Wal-Mart on their floor displays and I did receive an on screen message, but this time it said that I was accessing an unsecured website and should proceed back to my home page. Really! A Wal-Mart website unsafe? So anywho, I was hoping someone could advise me how to fix this problem. If I forgot to mention it earlier I had successfully logged onto this website from this self-same blasted dinosaur of a computer for multiple years prior to this. I d not know what changed. I was going to try a System Restore back as far as I can go,just to see because I don't know what else to do. Please help!
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