Using old PCI-E Cables for New Graphics Card

Hey guys,

So i bought a 1080ti and its running fine at the moment. Except the new power cables (GPU to PSU cable) didn't reach my PSU. So I used my old power cables from my r9 290. At the moment there's no instability or whatever, but could there be problems down the line? Should I get a new PCI-E cable specific to the 1080ti? Or will I be fine?

Thanks again! Just hoping not to ruin my card!
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    The cables are specific to the PSU, not the GPU. Your 1080ti did not come with any power cables. Those cables come from the PSU manufacturer. So maybe I misunderstood your question.

    You should not mix and match PSU cables from other PSU units. You can get extensions though.
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  2. Ahhhh, okay. I must have got those cables from when I bought my PSU. I assumed they came with my GPU. Thanks for clearing that up!
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