Will a my cpu cooler fit in this case?

Currently have a case that supports 170 mm cpu heatsink but it's really tight. Now that i want to upgrade my case (personal reasons) to a Define C mini window ver. That case supports up to 168 mm heatsinks. Will it fit?

Case: Fractal Design Define Mini C
CPU Cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim
Mobo (If that matters): ga-h110m-ds2 ddr3
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  1. Are you sure you've correctly identified your heatsink? The be quiet pure rock slim uses a 92mm fan and according to specs at it is only 124.8mm tall, so it shouldn't be a tight fit in a case that supports 170mm cpu heatsinks.
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  2. My bad it was the Shadow Rock Slim. Not the pure rock lol
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    Okay, that one is 161mm:
    That should still give you 9mm to spare in your current case and 7mm in the upcoming case. Not what I'd call "really tight".
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