Over clocking the hexacore 5820k, realy strange temps.

so heres the deal. i am ocing my chip to 3750 mhz @1.167 v

my idles are EXTREMELY high, im talking high 50s and low 60s. sounds scary right? i test cinebench with my finger on the end task button for it, but my temps never got over 77c under load. now i know this isnt normal as all my other cpus, a Ryzen 1600x always have major temp rises under load compared to this, and my intel i5 4660k also has large temp increases, on the same cooler (hyper 212 evo). while i havnt done any long term stress test, i feel i have the right to be concerned? is my temps monitoring probably wrong? im using open hardware monitor btw.
thank you at all for any help!
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  1. No you shouldn't be concerned as the CPU temps aren't going to more than 85 C If you want to overclock it even more get liquid cooling running in your system or get more airflow going trough your case by adding case fans.
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  2. Download coretemp and see what it shows for your temps. Wondering if its that software. Or even HWMonitor.
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