internet suddenly got very slow only on my computer

Hi guys, i've been looking at alot of other questions but it still doesn't solve my problem.
My internet is usually very fast but for the past week it suddenly dropped and it seem to happen only to my laptop with wired connection (all the other computers in my house is fine).
I have to hit F5 serveral times to load a website. I can't even watch youtube videos (it auto switch to 144p and still takes forever to buffer), have to hit refresh alot just to check facebook, or to google this question.
But when i get the youtube link directly and paste it to Internet Download Manager its really fast like 3mb/s.
So then i went to, it show that have 5 ping and download speed is 28mps, upload is 25mps.
I've tried everything from:
-switching browsers
-reseting modem and router
-disabling firewall
-changing DNS to Open DNS, Google DNS, and obtain DNS automatically
-running msconfig to put it on clean boot and it still doesn't solve it.
I ran all the antivirus/antimalware that i know (avast, adwcleaner, spybot) and nothing...
And no i haven't installed any new programs recently, it just seemed to happen
So i'm not really sure if this is a networking problem or something else.
Please help me and thanks in advance
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    Try another known working Ethernet cable. Try another port on the router. Preferably a port without problems being used by another computer in your house. Just for testing and elimination.

    You can use one of three tools (Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and Performance Monitor) to identify what may be causing the slowdowns with respect to the laptop itself.

    Open one of the tools and watch your computer's performance for awhile. Get a sense of what resources are being used by what app, processes, and services. Slide the window to the and keep it open. Then try browsing, youtube, etc.. to see what changes. Look for increases in CPU usage, disk activity, memory use, etc..

    Could be something running in the background: faulty update, attempts to "phone home", some backup perhaps.
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