Mother board compatible with my cpu?

Is my msi Intel Z170A LGA 1151 compatible with Intel i7 7700
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    Physically, it will fit. But, you *may* have some issues on BIOS if the Z170 motherboard you will get does not have an updated BIOS out-of-the-box. If such motherboard does not, you can only boot using an LGA 1151 6th-gen (Skylake) CPU for you to update the mobo's BIOS before that 7th-gen (Kaby Lake) i7-7700 CPU to work.

    To eliminate this BIOS incompatibility, it is safer to select a motherboard that was designed/released for Kaby Lake CPUs to work out-of-the-box.

    Another issue is more of price/performance, wherein, you selected a Z170-chipset motherboard that is intended for overclockable CPUs (and RAM). The i7-7700 is locked (i.e., not overclockable), hence, you are paying for features in the motherboard you cannot use.

    My recommendations are:

    1. If you do not intend to overclock, and you want that i7-7700 CPU, get a motherboard that has a B250-chipset.

    2. If you intend to overclock, and you want that Z170 motherboard, get an unlocked Skylake CPU such as the i7-6700K + an aftermarket cooler (such as the Cryorig H7).

    3. If you intend to overclock, and you want a 7th-gen Kaby Lake CPU, then, get the i7-7700K + an aftermarket cooler, but pair that with a Z270-chipset motherboard (not the Z170).
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  2. Yes; both use an LGA 1151 socket. Also, a helpful tip: there's this site called which automatically checks compatability. I used it for my build because I was unsure and lazy.
    Good luck!
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