What motherboard would you choose and why?

So im starting to plan a build im wanting to do and ive narrowed my motherboard preferences down but now id love to hear from personal experiences.
Im considering either the asus rog maximus ix hero or the msi z270 mpower titanium.

Both are very similar in price (around $400-$450 aud)

I plan on running an i7 7700k cpu
And gtx 1070 gpu
The rest im still working out haha

Any help or assistance directing me would be great :)
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    They are relatively the same. Which some small differences.

    I'd probably go with the one that fits my build the best (color, led), because the specs are nearly the exact same.
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  2. Thanks :)
    That makes life a bit easier then, now to decide what i think will look best haha
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