I have purchased MSI CX62 7QL laptop. Now I want to upgrade the storage devices. I need the fastest speed for file transfer. That's why I am thinking of NMVe upgrade for my laptop.

When I checked the specifications of my laptop model on MSI Website it shows following specifications
M.2 Slot- 1 x M.2 Socket 3 for M Key type 2280.
M.2 interface - 1 x SATA3

So, my question is can I used Samsung's NVMe 960 EVO for upgrading my laptop?

(I was confused while selecting SSD because Samsung NVMe requires PCIe interface, which is not shown in MSI specifications.)
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    very frustrating reading the manual and sepcifications created by MSI, which just say, it only provides SATA SSDs. This is wrong, nvme PCIe SSDs are supported.
    Have a look at this review:
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