Would 100% GPU fan load + ~85c temp damage my GPU?

Hello, i tried doing everything with my gpu, but it still seems to be hot (90c-95c and then pc shuts off) but in the end i tried changing wattman's profile, now the max temp is 85~ but the fans are 100% used (and it's really noisy) would that harm my GPU?, Should i RMA it?. Thanks
EDIT : The overheating happens when i play graphics demanding games ( AS Syndicate - DOOM - HITMAN etc )

Things i tried:
-Full format
-New good PSU
-Cleaning PC
-DDU ( a lot of times )
-Updating BIOS to latest version
-Updating GPU drivers to latest version
-Trying old drivers of GPU
and a lot of other ways in pc

-Intel i5 6500
8GB 2133 MHz ram
Seasonic S12II 620watt
Asus H110m-k MOBO
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  1. You have intake and exhaust fans in your PC case?
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  2. MrN1ce9uy said:
    You have intake and exhaust fans in your PC case?

    I have Zalman R1 Case, 2 fans from front/2 from above/ 1 from rear, you can google it to check it
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  3. I think ASUS voids the warranty if the cooler is removed. I would RMA it.
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